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7 things I would tell my younger self

7 things I would tell my younger self

Hi Everyone,

Learning in life never stops no matter how old you get. Life teaches us invaluable lessons every single day, some we understand only many years later as we look back. I am in my thirties, but If I could advise my younger self now, here is what it would be:

1. It is okay to make mistakes: All of us have done some things we wish we hadn't, like falling in love with the wrong guy, disappointing parents in a major way, avoiding a loved one, cheating, feeling entitled. Whatever it is, know that it is okay to make mistakes & learn from them. Cause the mistakes we make & the learnings we take, ultimately define our character in the long run. 

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2. Don't cry over spilled milk: Lost friendships, broken hearts are all part of growing up. If people left you for who you were back then & for the choices you made when you were younger, it is probably for the better. It is easy to learn when you are younger & deal with such disappointments. The sooner you learn the truth about other people & their actions, the better it is. 

3. Love yourself: This is an important one - you got to learn to love yourself. So much so that when you are down & feeling in the gutters, you know you should not harm yourself because of what someone else did or said. No matter how old you get, this lesson must not be forgotten.

4. It is okay to fail: Less marks, failed math exams, failed relationships, unsuccessful business ventures, is all okay. There is nothing wrong with failing, provided you have the courage to get up again & try one more time.

5. Let go of negative people: A hard one to implement but nearly after 3 decades of my life, one thing that I have begun to understand is that you must surround yourself with people who love you & support your growth. Negative people suck the energy out of you & no matter how many excuses you make for the way they behave, no good is ever going to come out of it. It is best to let go of such people rather than trying change there thoughts or actions.

6. Follow your dreams: This advice is also for my adult self & all the adults out there reading this post. If you are in your mid 20s, it is a good time to evaluate what you want rather than what others want of you. It is hard (& almost impossible) to please everyone, so why not take a chance at what your heart truly desires. You may be surprised as to where it takes you!

7. Love your parents & grandparents like there is no tomorrow: For someone who has lost their beloved grandparents many years ago, looking back I realise how precious my time was with them. You are actually lucky if you have yours still around. Spend time with them, show them that you care. Same applies to parents. Don't wait to lose them to give them your love. Give them all you got. 

So this is what I would have told my younger self, the most important lesson being that it is okay cry once in a while, okay to look back at memories but to never let the past stop you from moving forward. Now is all you got, make the most of it by striving to be a better version of yourself, every single day. 

xoxo Urvi 

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