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DIVUS® jewellery & accessories are designed to inspire. They have inspired us to walk off well trodden career paths to pursue our passion and to celebrate the life that we are blessed with. Here at DIVUS, we learn new things everyday to make our dreams a reality.  DIVUS has inspired us to believe in ourselves, to connect to the eternal guiding force that exists in all of us, to create beauty and elegance in all our endeavours.

 So every piece we put forth is made with a conscious choice of materials and a passion for fine craftsmanship. We also choose our partners in the same manner. Crystals, that are a canvas for our designs are sourced only from a very reputed European brand, so that they render an ethereal shine to the jewels you choose. That, and our lifelong muse with the stunning brilliance of these crystals! 

DIVUS is an outlet for creative, vibrant minds wanting to express themselves and we salute such minds everywhere. Naturally, each of the stunning designs featured here are uniquely conceived, born and raised at the DIVUS HQ. 

That being said, in every one of our designs, if you listen closely, there is a separate story being told. And yet the sparkle in each of them is a reminder of the unlimited potential within .. you and me. 

Apart from our stunning jewellery, here is a glimpse of everything we love and covet!


~ Urvi, architect, founder & CEO, DIVUS |          ~Snoopy, chief naughtiness officer |           ~ Mihir, biggest fan & moral supporter