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Made with love and exemplary crystals, your DIVUS® jewels require a little care and attention to keep them looking their best! 

Dust, pollution and daily wear can cloud the brilliance of the crystals and discolour the surface of the clasps and other metals. As with all fine things in life, your Divus® jewellery need a bit of love and care too! To protect the pieces, store them the Divus box provided with your purchase or in any soft fabric pouch while travelling, taking care not to drop, bash or scratch the products.

Care should also be taken to keep the jewellery away from perfumes, lotions, hair sprays and other harsh chemicals. Since none of our pieces are equipped to be worn in the shower, swimming pool or under water, it is of utmost importance to keep them away from H20!

To maintain the lustrous shine of the crystals, you can gently polish them with a dry lint-free cloth from time to time. And that is it!

We hope that you enjoy wearing our jewellery & other accessories as much as we enjoyed creating them for you. But remember, since all our pieces are handcrafted, a little care and maintenance goes long way in keeping your jewels looking bright and sparkling! 

In the words of Kenneth J. Lane, ‘Wearing costume jewellery is like wearing glass slippers. You can feel like you’re going to the ball, even if you’re not’