O snowflake so beautiful, unique & enchanting. You travelled miles before you landed on my windowsill. I watch you in bewilderment, your beauty captivating my soul, where would you go from here? Soft & serene, how I envy your free spirit. 

Inspired by the beauty of a snowflake, this brooch is adorned with a sparkling Swarovski® crystal that glistens in the light. Easy enough to be worn to the office during the day & elegant enough to be styled on a scarf in the evening, this lovely price of accessory makes a beautiful gift to someone who adores unique gifts. 

Measurement: Approximately 1.5 inches 

You will receive: One piece of brooch, crafted with a Swarovski® crystal

Nickel free jewellery, handcrafted by DIVUS® (divuscreations)

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