Jewel of the Sea

Sparkling like the ocean's waves, glimmering in the sunset, a piece of jewellery that is as astounding as the sea's treasures itself. We bring to you one of our most cherished piece that takes its inspiration from the Pacific. Let this gorgeous jewellery remind you of the sea, moments spent looking at the sunset, a romantic walk hand in hand. Let it adorn you and embrace you in the fine memories that you share with the sea!

Made with Swarovski® crystals, our Jewel of the Sea is a beautiful set that will make you happy. Take our word for it, it looks amazing with all outfits, any time of the day. 

You will receive: 1 pair of earrings, a gold plated necklace with pendant

Necklace length: 18 inches

Note: Swarovski® elements in the colour Aurora Borealis are translucent and rainbow-hued that produce an iridescent effect. These crystals are very versatile because they reflect the colour of their surrounding objects beautifully.

Nickel free jewellery, handcrafted by DIVUS® (divuscreations)

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