Bathed in simplicity, a little flower blooms. I look to the heavens above and ask "Is this grace?" 

Grace is our beautiful earrings made of Swarovski® crystals in Aurora Borealis. These earrings are so simple yet stunning that they make the perfect pair for everyday wear. The pictures shown below are of the same pair of earrings but as with all Aurora Borealis crystals, these change colours according to the backgrounds they are placed against. 

New Introduction 
Dimensions: Crystal 12mm 


Note: Swarovski® elements in the colour Aurora Borealis are translucent and rainbow-hued that produce an iridescent effect resembling the Northern Lights. These crystals are very versatile because they reflect the colour of their surrounding objects beautifully. Please refer to the 4th image to get an idea of how these crystals look against different backgrounds. 

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