Luck in Love

Love is an emotion we all feel, cherish and covet. Here is a bag charm designed with the goodwill to bring you luck in love! 

Made with Swarovski® crystals, this charm finds its inspiration from 4 leaf clover, believed to bring immense good luck. According to the legend, Eve carried a four leaf clover from the Garden of Eden; some also believe that finding a four leaf clover brings wealth and happiness of a lifetime!

Luck in Love is a beautiful bag charm that looks great on all purses including travel totes, plus it houses a bigger clasp that fits most handbags with great ease. 

Dimensions: Approx 12 x 3.2 cm


Note: Swarovski® elements in the colour Aurora Borealis are translucent and rainbow-hued that produce an iridescent effect. These crystals are very versatile because they reflect the colour of their surrounding objects beautifully. Please refer to the 4th image to get an idea of how these crystals look against different backgrounds. Kindly note, that the all the first three images are of the same charm, they look different only because of their respective backgrounds. 

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