Flower Child

The innocence of a child is like a raindrop from the sky. Truly captivating and heart warming like the morning sky. 

Our Flower Child charm created with crystals from Swarovski® will surely remind you of that innocence. Use it on your handbag or on your planner or gift it to your loved one. We are sure everyone will adore the playful sparkle of this cute little charm!

Dimensions: Approx 6.3 x 2.7 cm


Note: Swarovski® elements in the colour Aurora Borealis are translucent and rainbow-hued that produce an iridescent effect resembling the Northern Lights. These crystals are very versatile because they reflect the colour of their surrounding objects beautifully. Please refer to the 4th image to get an idea of how these crystals look against different backgrounds. 

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