Fire & Ice

The woman of today is independent, intelligent, humble yet fierce at the same time. We at DIVUS celebrate the power & passion of such women around the globe. Fire & Ice is a tribute to just that. Crafted with crystals from Swarovski® that change colours according to the background they are placed against is much like the adaptation power of women. These earrings shimmer in the raging hues of yellow, orange & gold against the skin while at the same time, when placed against a lighter background take up translucent colours of white, gold & cyan. 

Come celebrate the fire and ice within the woman of today & have fun with the change of colours every day!

Dimensions: Crystal: 23 mm; Overall: Approximately 1.5 inches

You will receive: One pair of hook earrings crafted with Swarovski crystals. 

Nickel free jewellery, handcrafted by DIVUS® (divuscreations)

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